Donald J. Trump and the Trump Organization Offered me $250.00 - $300.00 For BOTH and
Another anonymous Speculator offered $135,000.01 on the Fourth of July 2016 for is FOR SALE AT and eBay

99.99 % of the Funds raised from the sale of this domain name will benefit
the Council for Native American Indian Progress Inc.
A not for profit public organization incorporated in the States of
New York and California under 501(C)(3) ex# 23-7360614


Check out the news articles about Donald J. Trump / the Trump Organization and Scott Stephens

Then later they put me at the end of this article.

Then they lied and said I wanted to be on his show the apprentice, You couldn't pay me enough to go on
national television and have this guy fire me in front of millions. The NY Post did not do their research and listen to my side of the story
then they printed that Donald J. Won this domain name you are looking at now.

Just look up " news "on any search engine and see how many news articles that have been published over this!
Yet the major news agencies and network televison stations won't even give this story 10 seconds of attention.

You would think that if a presidential candidate is suing another presidential candidate in federal court, would'nt that be somewhat newsworthy?

The offer for this site was made to Donald Trump 3 times over a course of several years for a Dollar and Handshake but
I guess Mr. Trump is affraid that if I got 30 seconds on national television I could win the presidency with a landslide of support
from the American People and the respect of the world.

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